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Duration: 1 hr – 1 day

Content: A bitesize introduction to the history of carnival music and dance, instruments and techniques. Ethos on development and movement to acquire coordination and swing etc. Body rhythms, syncopation, basic carnival rhythms on bateria instruments. 

Key skills: Develop and enhance coordination, processing speed and cognitive functions, social  development, call and response, beat perception and anticipation, musical awareness and much more

Duration: 2 – 6 hrs

Content: Introduction to carnival music and a brief history of either South American or Caribbean music. Introduction to the Bateria instruments and techniques for playing them. We use mnemonic techniques to aide individuals learn the instruments. Music and movement, sectional cohesion, listening and concentration. Styles will be either Batucada (Samba) or Samba Reggae from Brazil or Conga de Comparsa from Cuba.

Key Skills: Developing and enhancing musical competence and awareness, beat perception and anticipation, spatial reasoning, tempo regulation, understanding poly-rhythms, motor control, syncopation, team building, differentiation, concentration. Call and response, signal decoding and more. 

Duration: 8 – 14 hrs

Content:  We use mnemonic and visual techniques to develop and enhance individuals to internalization of rhythms and patterns. We also develop syncopation, coordination, listening skills, concentration and musical awareness.We stress the importance of each individual in the collective. Ethos on quality practice, progression and movement to acquire swing and application.Introduction to a more in depth view on Carnival music, history of South America and the Caribbean. Introduction to the instruments and techniques to play them (Brazilian Bateria instruments) Rhythms; Conga de Comparsa, Bembe (Cuba), Batucada, Samba Reggae (Brazil), Candombe (Uruguay) and other Break beats fusion (World).Media examples are optional.

Key Skills: Develop and enhance motor coordination, processing speed, cognitive and executive functions, social cohesion, musical awareness, listening, concentration, role play, differentiation, beat perception and anticipation, group and segmental cohesion, syncopation, tempo regulation, signal decoding, multi tasking, mental mathematics and recollection plus much more.

Duration: 10 – 20 hrs

Content: We use mnemonic and folkloric techniques, western and non western notation to aide individuals to internalize rhythms and patterns.We also develop and enhance coordination, syncopation, listening and concentration, quality practice time, accurate swing and techniques, musical awareness. We stress the importance of each individuals role in the ensemble. Introduction of two  intermediate versions of the following styles: Batucada or Samba Reggae (Brazil), Candombe (Uruguay), Fe (Guinea), Conga de Comparsa or Makuta (Cuba) and Break Beat Fusions (World)

Key Skills: Concentration and listening development, team building, differentiation, group and segmental cohesion, musical awareness, creative playing, western and folkloric techniques, tempo regulation, mental mathematics, stamina buliding, multi tasking and much more.

Duration: 1 year or more

Content: Development of participants to and intermediate level of musical awareness, tempo regulation, sectional and group cohesion, time signature, syncopation, composition, musical arrangement, stamina building, context and contrast. Different styles and possible performances outside of school including local festivals and events. In depth techniques of each ensemble instrument and detailed insight of South American and Caribbean carnival styles.

Key Skill: Peer mentoring, quality practice periods, differentiation, musical awareness, syncopation, folkloric drum language, western and non western notation, performance techniques and much more.

Duration: 1 term – year 

Content: Starting from a bitesize introduction to the historical background and cultural backdrop to music in the Americas. Individuals will demonstrate an understanding of the techniques and styles covered. Ethos on development, progression, accurate interpretation, swing and application etc.

Key Skills: Developing and enhancing cognitive functions, processing speed, coordination, musical awareness, syncopation, concentration, call and response, beat perception and anticipation.

Please note that instruments for this course not be provided. Schools will require the following instruments; Congas, Bongos, Campana, Guiros, Triangles, Shakers or Ganzas, Glocks or Xylos and a piano/keyboard.

Duration: 1 day – 1 year plus

Content: This will start from a bitesize introduction, historical and cultural background of styles giving insight into West African percussion. We ill developing accurate tonal definition, coordination and internalization of rhythms. This is a hands on participation project.

Key Skills: Folkloric and mnemonic techniques to reinforce internalization of rhythms, accurate posture, tonal definitions, group and sectional cohesion, creative playing, musical awareness, tempo regulation and much more.

Please note that the African drums will not be provided. Therefore, styles and rhythms delivered will depend upon school equipment. For a comprehensive insight and ensemble delivery the school will need Djembes and if possible Djun Djuns. Please contact Michael for further information.

We could guide school’s into effective musical direction and specialization of teaching methods in African and Latin percussion. We can also guide school’s into hiring / acquisition of appropriate instruments to deliver effective sessions.

African and Latin percussion bitesize free. Longer session will be made available shortly.


For further details contact Michael : michaelthomas@carnivalproject.co.uk