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Adannaya I love Samba, it felt great to play music with the whole class and to be able to learn about all the different instruments.

Berke I never thought I was very good at music but I really liked samba and loved playing the repinique.

Giselle Playing samba at the end of the year was one of the best things about year 6, I will remember it forever. The hiphop rhythm section was my favourite, me and Kayna practiced that in the playground.

Paulo - I really enjoyed playing the Caixa, I had to really concentrate especially when we started playing quicker but I really enjoyed it. I hope my secondary school has a samba band!
We love the Carnival Project exactly as it is-the only improvement would been having more sessions and being able to see the children improve their skillls even more.
Sally Sawdon:Assistant Head,Woodberry Down 

Testimonal: The children enjoyed the whole process. Every child was given the chance to play the different instruments they wanted to try. They were also given instructions on how to improve if they wanted to remain on that instrument for the parade. All children were engaged during the sessions and kept busy. The fast pace meant that the children remained on task and interested.
Even with the limited time and numerous interruptions, the end result was really impressive. The children learnt so much during the short amount of time.
Alana Class teacher  Willian Tyndale -Centenary procession

'Thank you so much for the parade.I was astonished at how well performed after so few sessions.So many people have commented on how enjoyable and energetic thedrumming was.
Bea Crawford:Assistant Head,William Tyndale (Islington)

'Thank you for allowing us to participate in the Round Chapel Carnival Project's Bateria,It was a brilliant experience for all the children involved.We look forward to participate in a group event again'.
Mr O.Jennings,Assistant Head Nightingale Primary school Greenwich.

'Fantastic! I think it is fantastic as we get to perform in a variety of places......'I like Samba because it's loud and lively.I play the Surdo which is the heartbeat of Samba so the other instruments must listen to each other.........I like Samba because I did not know anything about way back in year 5.We played toghether with year 6 and learnt alot!The journey was fun.Comments from of the participants (Nightingale)

'Thank you Carnival Project.The show was an inspiration and huge credit to you.Well done.Kate (Organiser)
'Hi Michael,Thank you for organising everything and for teaching Ruby so much over the years.She loves the Bateria.We really enjoyed the concert.I think you desreve a medal
for getting all those children together on friday!' Lorna (parent)
There were some massive smiles from many children in the group.They could not stop moving and there were lots of dancing in the audience.Tina (Class Teacher)
'I really enjoyed this.Very powerful'Tom (Teacher)
I haven't heard the Bateria in awhile and this was great.' Lisa (Teacher Greenwich)
We had such a great afternoon on Friday.The children loved it and I'm so glad that they were able to take part in the performance and the project.Thanks so much for the opportunity to be involved ,it was really great'.Sally (Assistant head at Woodberry Down)
Parents,pupils and audience at Carnival Project Bateria at the Hackney Partnership Day event 2017

'This was fantastic and many of the parents wanted me to pass this on.Lily (Grasmere)

All the children were given the opportunities-nice to see different children shining.
Michael was a great leader and they really  respected him.Given the opportunity to perform at the City of London Festival Procession is a particular coup!!!!!!!!!!'
Rosie,Jubilee primary school Hackney

'The children have thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and always looked forward to them.They have definately made progress with keeping a steady rhythm and performing melodies in time with the beat.'
All the children had chance to play each instrument which they appreciated.The children's focus during the sessions was very good which shows their enjoyment.The SEN/SEND children have been included  well and have been playing different instruments.The pace of each session is good- our performance built up steadily,clearly so all
children know all the different rhythms and melodies well before adding the next layer.We would love to see the project back at our school next year.Daubeney school Hackney

Children enjoyed and looked forward to their weekly sessions.Children were appropriately challenged and expectations of standards and behaviour  were high.A pupil with severe hearing impairment and a disable child took part and achieved well.Pupils were proud of their achievement and enjoyed performing.Many parents  have spoken with me after the event stating that they were very impressed with what they  had seen.'
Claire Oliver,  Deputy Head,William Tyndale

All children participated and enjoyed every session.the more gifted were challenged and pushed-harder rhythms and instruments were introduced at the right time.'..'It was fun when you pushed us to the limit and never gave up on us...we clearly understood the rhythms by using words.Simone, class teacher, Hanover Islington

'What a start!Tight,ferocious and energetic.You were all smiling.It was exciting.The focus and power was infectious ; you were tottaly engaged and the samba funk was tight.The movement was together and fun.Bravo!The ensemble was really good and rhythmically so accurate and determined.Surdo playing of the highest order.The caixas really controlled it and drove things.This was a complex and brave performance and with real gusto and flair,it was generally ending!
Second Music Mentor Music for Youth

Tight ,vivacious rhythmic start -terrific! Really capture our attention.The skilles playing thoroughout the ensemble was busniess like approach.Excellent enthusiasm with much to commend in steer style and pace!Great presentation with infectious projection and foot tapping focus.Good exploration of the stiffering timbre and effective moves.All well controlled and anticipated .Well done
Music Mentor Music for Youth

The whole experience was excellent with all students participating fully.Special needs were catered for and the whole process was inclusive throughout.
The children progressed each session and consistenlty  built on prior learning, improving every week.There is nothing negative to say Michael i.e as the Head teacher said "is in a league of his own"All the children are raving about Michael and the Carnival Project experience.Year fives can't wait to start and Year six are devasted that it has ended.

Liz O Hagan St Mary's Eltham
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