Product for educational and corporate drumming projects and workshops,children drumming-The Carnival Project

 All projects/workshops includes Bateria (percussion ensemble) instruments for a maximum of 70 participants for educational purposes and 150 corporate participants and earplugs .For further information check our educational and corporate pages or contact us for a tailor made workshop/project.

These projects/workshops are not only about rhythms and having fun within these programs there are also..

The flexibility to customize the program to meet participants /teachers /schools/ music hubs/ corporate and other organisations requirements

A cost effective and efficient way of teaching large group ensembles accommodating First Access etc..

Developing and enhancing motor  and meta cognition ,spatial temporal enhancement,skill acquisition,cognitive reasoning, beat perception and anticipation, tempo regulation, mathematics ,self and group awareness ,concentration,syncopation and social inclusion.

Peer Mentoring

Engaging all types of participants and instill aims and objectives.

Develop musical awareness.

Inclusion of special needs participants. Identifying and developing special needs ability, giving them confidence and support to express themselves within the group setting.
Progression of music and learning for all.

Teacher training (develop knowledge/incorporate and develop ideas to carry on when the project is over.

Evaluation of program (feedback from teachers/students/ internal and external moderation.

  Cost example/Comparision 

850 project  30 participants 10 hrs of learning (10 x 1hr) =3 per person

Comparision cost of other instrumental learning are between 5-40 per 20mins-45mins

 6  per 25 min and that's being extremely generous instrumental learning x2 (30mins to make the equvilant hr) x30 participants x 10 sessions =3600

Cost will depend upon; location , hours ,travel expenses etc.

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